Review! Barbie World with Cle Cosmetics and Beauty Park

by - April 27, 2018

Good morning, pookies! I hope everybody's having a happy spring and I really hope it's finally warming up for some of you. It got kind of chilly down here but at long last it's getting warmer. I don't need any more cold in my life. I'm ready for summer.

And a product good for summertime we have! A few weeks ago, the amazing folks at Beauty Park announced on their Instagram that they were recruiting 20 reviewers to try out a new lipstick made by the CLE Cosmetics. And of course, I, never one to back down off a challenge, entered and tagged my girl Abigail.

And we won! So about a week later I received in such a beautiful little package, CLE's Lip Powder in the color Barbie.

First of all, the packaging. So simple and yet so beautiful. I had to hold up the box to the light in order to read the description but I loved the classy minimalism of it.

"For the lass that cannot be described or named easily. You don't know what it is but there's an intrigue in how Cle brings out your own unique beauty, and that's what makes you who you are so effortless and naturally."

And when I opened it, I was a little blown away by the appearance of the powder - first of all, it's a very fine powder and second of all, it is hot, raging pink. Just like the Barbies I used to play with as a child.

In fact, didn’t I hear a few days ago that the Barbie I grew up with, the one that was a princess or a fairy or such, has now taken up vlogging? Oh, well.

Back to the lip powder! What I do is put moisturizer on my lips first and then put just a tiny amount of the lip powder on. Now for some wondering how this works, just know that it's not just powder inside of it. It's got a little moisture to it that makes it manageable, as opposed to like a loose mineral powder. The application is super smooth and it's got a really nice matte finish. I like the feeling of it - it's very light and there's no fragrance or stickiness to it. It looks almost natural: like you didn't put lipstick on this morning, Barbie pink is just the color of your lips!

Another awesome thing about it is the ingredients list that feature coconut oil, blueberry, and niacinamide so it's healing your lips as you're wearing it.

The description also says that you can use it as a blush or as eyeshadow and I really felt I had to review this thing to the max. So I decided to just mess around and put it all over.

I was freaking out the whole time.

Because here's the thing: I have a fair skintone with yellowundertones. So it's me versus Barbie hot pink. That pink is so strong, y'all! And it was looming over me like a monster and honestly, I didn't know how I was going to make it work without looking like Barbie has now taken up being a clown.

Shoot, I've never looked like Barbie a day of my life.

Using it as a blush, I tapped a little on my fingertips and just massaged it into my cheeks. I found that worked really well, it's very soft and blends super nicely. But as an eyeshadow, I find that it's too wet and too thin to last very long. So though it's cute when you first put it on, it doesn't remain that way.

So. Here's my finished product.

Oh Lordy be. And I'm sorry about the terrible lighting but I promise cooler lighting couldn't have made it look better. I did my best. I made it work. It looks festival so I do have that to my name.

I wish I could have vlogged the whole process like Barbie does (still working on figuring out how to vlog at all!) but you would have seen grimaces all over my face that's so un-Barbie. But if I was going to do it, I was going to do it a 110%.

I'm sure Barbie has said before, "Go big or go home."

So here's what I think about CLE's lip powder. Awesome product. Awesome ingredients. Not so awesome color for me. In fact, this lip powder was so awesome, that someday I'll probably get a more suitable color for me.

I had a really fun time playing around with this lip powder, Beauty Park. You're awesome.

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Have a great day, beautiful.


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