How I Became A Curly Girl

by - April 09, 2018

Good morning, pooklicious! Or is it pookliciousi or is it pookliciousses? What is the fancy plural of pookie?


I'm gonna tell you something crazy. I didn't always have curly hair.

It was actually really weird looking, like a flat-top pyramid that cascaded down in frizzy tangled waves that I used to call with a sigh, "Not-curly-just-messy". Curly hair runs in my family on my dad's side - my aunt has gorgeous curly hair and so do some of my cousins. I always used to think that I only got like, half a gene or something.

Like something just didn't happen at conception that gave me only frizzy hair that could never quite make it to the ultimate destination of curldom.

Yeah. I'm horrified by three things in these photos: my brother had the nerve to put an orange peel on my head while I was eating and take a picture, the quality of my iPod photos but especially the state my hair was in.

You can see that it's trying to curl, especially around the bangs, but there's a lot of frizz, dullness and poofiness without definition.

It was hard to find photos of myself for this blog post. I didn't want to take any selfies because my hair was always a silly looking wreck. I made fun of myself all the time, trying to laugh off the problem but succeeding only in making myself feel bad about it.

When I was about thirteen, I was given a Tres Semme hair set. I was fascinated by the promises of no bad hair days.

And what really caught my eye? On the back of the gel product, it said, "Tame your hair."

So I set out on an quest to "tame" my hair. My hair was a monster, a monster I had to whip back into shape, yelling, "get back, get back, you foul fiend!"

I think this problem of messy, difficult hair happens to a lot of girls who live in family or circles of friends where curly hair is not the norm or something people deal with pretty often. I believe it happens pretty often to Caucasian girls who, unlike a lot of our darker skin curly sisters, might not have friends or family or even role models who embrace their curls.

But I know it happens to all girls, no matter their skin color, who feel that they have to attack their hair in order for them to feel good about it. In order to blend in.

So I put money and time in to get my hair in order. I had to stop the frizzy, tangled, oily, ugly monster. And that went on for quite a few years.

Does this sound like a familiar story to you?

But then all of it changed rather quickly.

One day, my mom read a blog post from a woman who stated that her hair dramatically changed when she went "all natural" with her hair. And looking at the before and after photos, it seemed too good to be true. Her original hair with just normal drugstore shampoos looked just like mine. And the after photos featured her gorgeous, stunning, tight curls all over.

First of all, what does "all natural" mean when it comes to curly hair?

"All natural" means that the curl girl in question doesn't use harsh chemicals in average shampoos and instead uses healthy, organic cleansers, conditioners and whatever other treatments she needs in order to give her hair what it craves - hydration, regulation, cleansing without stripping and most importantly, respect.

I had to at least try this "all natural" thing. What did I have to lose?

And thus began my journey to respect my hair. To stop hating it for being so "in-between" and even uncaring of me and to start listening to it.

And my hair began to change. I'm not kidding, within two or three days I couldn't believe the curl.

Still horrible image quality, but I started taking selfies with my hair as the focal point. I was amazed that this could happen at all.

I started to change too. My thinking about my hair changed and so did the way I treated it.

Here's my regimen:

1. Recognizing that my hair - no matter what condition it's truly in - has to be acknowledged as beautiful. 
Your healthy happy, best hair is on the inside of your current state of hair right now. How you treat it will set those healthy, happy curls free. It's already beautiful - it just has to be nourished and cared for. Your best hair days are your best healthy days. When you're treating your body and your hair well, good things can only come.

     2. Clean without stripping.
I use Chagrin Apple Valley Shampoo Bars to clean my hair without stripping it of it's natural oils that it uses to hydrate my hair. Depending on what I feel my hair needs will depend on the kind of shampoo bar I use. Chagrin Apple Valley features a lot of different kinds of shampoos with different moisturizers and cleansing elements. My current favorite is the carrot milk and honey - my hair feels so soft and moisturized after using it!

3. Regulate my PH with an apple cider vinegar rinse.
ACV is my hero. I have a spray bottle of it in the shower so I can immediately spray my hair after rinsing out my shampoo. Apple cider vinegar regulates the PH levels in your hair, cleansing it softly and again, delivering more hydration. My mix is diluted with some water and essential oils to get rid of that rough smell! I like to use lavender, peppermint or lemon. All depends on my mood when I make my spray.

4. Dry with a t-shirt or microfiber towel.
Drying your hair with a normal towel produces frizz (from the little threads making friction!). I use one of my old t-shirts to dry my hair by putting my hair upside down and scrunching my curls.

5. Condition with a product that doesn't contain any harsh chemicals.
I use Giovanni's Leave In Conditioner because it's got a lot of good ingredients and no laureth or any super bad stuff. It's got a little alcohol in it, but it doesn't hurt my hair. It's got a ton of the good stuff that boosts the volume and bounce of my curls while protecting it from drying out.

6. Love my curls!
It's okay to have short, bouncy, nearly black curls. I don't have to have long blonde straight hair to be beautiful. I'm okay just the way I am.

It's fun.

I'm so so glad to share all this with you! I'd love to hear from you all, please introduce yourself in the comments! Tell me about yourself and if you want to see something talked about on this blog, let me know! Subscribe for email updates, follow on Bloglovin', check out the Twitter and Instagram and become part of the #pookiefam.

Have a great day, beautiful.


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