Winter Plans For Glowing Up This Summer!

by - March 09, 2018

Heya pookies! I'm sure by the title of this blog post, you're thinking, "Wait, Em. It's March. Springtime hasn't even come yet and you're talking about glowing up for summertime??"

Reason number one why I'm doing this blog post now and not later? I can't wait for summertime. It's been a pretty darn miserable winter for a lot of people, including my folks down here in Louisiana. Blizzards in the northeast, snowstorms in the South - come on. That's enough, don't you think? And it makes me itching for the sun rays and hiking out in the middle of nowhere.

Reason number two! It is so, so, so important to begin skin care and self-care as soon as you can, especially when it comes to glowing by the time summer comes. Might as well get a head start and make sure that we're making good habits and feel good no matter what season it is. Here's a few tips to get that summer glow, inside and out.

- Drink more water.
Cannot stress it enough! Water is so good for you and your skin. You are mostly water so when you don't have enough of it, you don't have enough of you! I know it's tough to drink enough water, especially when it's so easy to get a soda or pour yourself some milk chocolate when you're tired. Here's a fun way to make sure you're drinking enough and it's totally not just boring water!

- Add a lemon to it.
Get yourself a quart jar, slice up a lemon, fill with water, add your favorite sweetener and have yourself some lemonade. This is fruit infused water and with the lemon, it's packed with vitamin c so it'll make your skin glow and keep you from getting annoying colds and flu. You can add any fruit to it (when it's actually summertime, I'll add cucumber slices!). Just keep refilling it and it'll keep for about three days. You'll lose weight, get glowing skin and feel fantastic.

I took this picture last summer, when I added cucumber slices and mint leaves. Tastes like power.

- Get outside more often.
I know it's tricky when it's cold outside (or worse rainy). But whenever it's warm enough, go outside. Take some deep breaths. Journal in the park. Be quiet and let the sun soak into your skin. Take long walks and think, pray, dream. Listen to your favorite music and get in touch with yourself and the world around you. This is just a time to dwell on the beauty around you and in you, to step away from all of the things you need to do. Let go and get outside. It will restore your energy, clear your mind and heal your body.

- Let your skin rest.
Nothing is like getting a good facial or new sheet mask. These are such important things but maybe if you feel like your skin is being worn out - whether from the cold dry air or from your own overworking it - step back and let it heal on it's own. Lately I've stopped putting on all my oils and moisturizers at night and simply putting on a witch hazel toner and aloe vera facial spray (review to come!). My face is healing from all the dry patches and acne scars. I have plans to go makeup free when I go hiking this summer and I want to make sure my face is primed and ready for some sun love!

- Wear clothes that make you feel good.
Please do not feel bad about wearing sweatpants and hoodies. It's cold and you need all the warmth you can get right now. Keeping warm is essential for your immune system! Bundle up because you'll be able to wear your cute blouses and shorts when it's hot outside again and you totally don't want to be catching colds right now. Winter is a time for putting your health and comfort at a high priority so that you'll be ready for whatever comes during the summertime.

Invest in yourself, beautiful. Putting the time in to help your body and soul heal during these cold days is never time wasted.

Do you have any special plans for your summer glow up? Let me know down in the comments! Also, if you have any requests for up and coming blog posts, put it down there too and I will totally see about getting it here. Be sure to subscribe to email updates to get a blog post in your inbox every Monday and Friday!

This blog is really starting to come up and I'm so excited to be building a full schedule for it. Thank you so much for coming and being just amazing. You're beautiful.

Love you all, pookies.


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