Skincare: The Best Form Of Self-Love (An Interview With Skincare Queen Dreamer of the Day!)

by - March 16, 2018

Hi pookies! Today is such an exciting day for me because I get to introduce you to my best girlfriend, Abigail, who blogs over at Dreamer of the Day. The story between how Abigail and I became such close friends is a pretty funny one: we met on Pinterest.

If it weren't for that pin of Sam Winchester being a little puppy, we would never have started a comment conversation which led to texts which led to phone calls which led to her staying at my home for like, two weeks. This girl has always been here for me and no matter how far away from each other we are, our friendship will stay strong last for years to come as it has for the past five years.

Since we've been so close, we've kind of been on the same journeys together, and three of those have been the processes of learning skin care, makeup artistry and encompassing those three, the practice of self-love. We're both two girls who are in their early 20s with so many life changes always around the corner, remembering to incorporate that practice is easily forgotten but so important. We both believe that the art of skin care and makeup can be used as a form of self-love and we'd love to discuss that with you today. I'll be doing an interview with her and she'll be doing an interview with me and we'll be posting them both on our blogs. So without further adieu, let's talk with Abigail!

What inspired you to go on this journey of skincare?

Originally it was really just because I was fed up with my oily, acne-prone skin. I was looking for an easy fix, something to slather my face in that would heal all my problems overnight, someone to listen to who had all the answers and knew all the secrets to skin healing. It took me a long time to figure out that none of that existed. My inspiration for skincare and skin-healing is now focused on self-love, positivity, and continually learning more and more, and listening to my skin and adjusting my skincare accordingly. And finally accepting the fact that “perfect skin” doesn’t exist and being okay with that. I just want to be healthy and happy now!

Have you ever felt like giving up on it?

So many times! At first when my skin broke out, I thought it was just a little phase, and it would be over in no time. So I ignored it. When that didn’t help, I tried covering the problem with layers and layers of makeup. And when that only made it worse, I finally began looking into skincare. I thought that that would be an easy fix and my skin would be back to normal in no time! Surprise of surprises when I found out that one product was not going to fix my problems and that a lot of the things people suggested only made my skin worse, because everyone’s skin is different, and just because it helped theirs, didn’t mean it would help mine. I would start something new, see a little bit of a result, get excited, and then the progress would stop, and I would get so defeated. This happened over and over again, and that was really hard for me. I wanted to give up so many times.  But I’m so happy that I didn’t. Because where I am now in my journey is the happiest and healthiest that I’ve ever been! I’m seeing results from simply letting my skin heal itself, and only adding products to help it along in that process. My advice to anyone struggling is: DON’T GIVE UP! Keep researching. You’ll get there!!

Have you seen any progress since you began this journey?

Absolutely! As I am now learning that you actually have to know your skin, your skin’s problems, and really the ingredients and what you’re putting on your face. I’m finally on a road of healing and care, and just being a lot kinder to my skin.

What's the connection between self-love and skincare?

I think that self-love and any kind of body care are deeply intertwined. It’s all about your perspective. Why are you doing this to your body? Why are you exercising? Why are you using good products? Why are you eating healthy? Is it because you’re ashamed about your current state? Is it because you feel pressure to act and look a certain way? Or is it because you know you deserve to have the best in life, and your body deserves to be taken care of and nurtured. With that mind set, I believe that skincare is just about the best kind of self-love there is.

Favorite product recommendations?

For anyone who wears makeup, you’ve probably heard of the double-cleansing method, where you remove your makeup with an oil cleaner and then wash your face again with a gel cleanser. I’ve been doing this for a few years now, and for the oil cleansing I’ve always just used coconut oil. However, because coconut oil is so thick, I always had to get the excess stuff off with a washcloth. Meaning I was scrubbing my face every night. Meaning I was damaging my skin every night! Knowing this was bad for me, I finally looked into actual oil cleansers, and I found the INCREDIBLE Heimish All Clean Balm! It applies a lot like coconut oil, but when you go to wash it off, it literally melts the makeup off your face like butter!!! It’s incredible. I highly, highly recommend!! Also, I found a sunscreen I think is really good! Everyone should, of course, be wearing sunscreen 365 days a year. And I know that’s hard to do because some sunscreen can break you out, or cause a white cast. But this stuff I found, the Australian Gold Botanical Sunscreen SPF 50 Tinted Face Mineral Lotion, (THAT IS A MOUTH FULL!!!) is really amazing! Now don’t let the name fool you, you shouldn’t be using this in place of lotion, you should still be moisturizing. However it applies really well after moisturizer. And since it’s slightly tinted it doesn’t leave a white cast!!

Who is your favorite makeup guru?

Well, there’s this awesome, incredibly talented woman named Emily Claire. She’s my fave! She’s given me so much advice and helped me so much throughout the years. Definitely look up this makeup goddess!

(Oh my gosh she's so sweet!!)

What are your all-time-favorite-can't-live-without makeup products?

Strangely, all the my main products that used to be so ride-or-die in my collection — like foundation and concealer — were either just replaced or are about to be replaced. I learned that my favorite foundation broke me out, and the formula of my favorite concealer was recently changed and it just isn’t working very well anymore. So I kinda feel like I’m rediscovering makeup! XD I’m really hoping to have new favorites very soon!!! But until I have new favorites of the main products, I can definitely say that I will always love the NYX Matte Setting Spray and of course my beautiful Morphe 35O. 😍 Those will be in my collection for as long as I live.

Do you have any funny stories about your makeup journey?

When I tried eyeliner for the first time, I didn’t really know what I was doing, so I bought a crayon eyeliner, and for quite awhile I packed that stuff on all around my eyes, the top and bottom, and I legit looked like I was going through a goth stage. 😂 I’m so glad that I’ve now learned how to do delicate wings. Much more my style.

How would you connect self-love and makeup?

I think that makeup is meant to enhance your natural beauty. I think that it’s a beautiful way to express yourself, just as much as the clothes you wear or the way you style your hair. It gives you freedom to highlight your strong points and make yourself more confident in who you are. Also just experimenting with the artistry side of it can be very therapeutic, and treating yourself with a new product can also be a very self-loving thing to do!

What makeup products do you have on your wish list?

Well, I’m just trying out B.B. creams for the first time, and loving them!! So I’d love to get more. I also am really interested in the cushion foundations. I’d love to give those a try too!

Oh girl, you're fantastic! Thanks so much for doing this with me. You're the best. Abigail's interview with me will be posted on both of our blogs on Monday!

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Have a great day, beautiful.

- Emily and Abigail

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