Rock Yourself: Artistic Self-Care (Abigail of Dreamer of the Day Interviews Me!)

by - March 19, 2018

Hi pookies! Welcome back to part two of the interviews that Abigail (at Dreamer of the Day) and I have been collaborating on! If you haven't read my interview with her, be sure to check it out here. Abigail is a fantastic skincare queen and now here is her interview with me. I am so delighted to be doing this with her! It's something we've been talking about for a while now and now we've finally gotten around to it. To be sure, this isn't the last time we'll do something like this. Let's get right down to it!

What was the moment you realized that skincare was important?

I think my journey with skincare goes back to the moment I realized that self-care was important. Growing up, I kind of felt that the way I was (short, frizzy hair, acne-prone, oily/combination skin) was just the way that I was and I couldn't fix it, much less like it. It led me to have low self-esteem and serious comparison problems. But everything kind of changed when my mom discovered a blogger, who unfortunately I can't remember the name of, and she went "all natural" with her hair and discovered that her hair wasn't really naturally frizzy - it was naturally curly. By taking the time to understand her hair and not break it down with chemicals to "tame" it, she found out that her hair needed hydration and special care and when it had it, it became magnificently curly. I decided to do the exact same thing and when my hair of course, totally transformed, I realized that it was because I was just taking care of my hair. I wasn't attacking it with chemicals, I was paying attention to it and nourishing it. So my next question to myself was, "Well what would happen if I took care and loved every piece of me?" And everything changed and is still changing for the better.

What do you think is the most important lesson you've learned on your skincare journey?

Know what your skin can handle. Some "experts" or bloggers will tell you to slather on turmeric and cinnamon or horribly, toothpaste on your face. If it burns you, or if you know it will damage your skin, don't follow the tips! Just because these DIY recipes work for some people, it might not work for you and you have to know that that's okay. Go gentle.

What is the biggest game-changing product you've found so far?

Probably my egg white pore mask from Skinfood. I love putting it on and I have found that it tightens my pores and lightens my skin beautifully. It feels and smells fantastic too!

What is something in skincare that you'd like to try, but haven't yet?

A detox bath. I have never done it before but I'd love to just soak in essential goodness and roses and listen to BTS and feel like a fairy queen.

What, in your opinion, is the biggest skincare misconception?

The idea that we'll someday reach perfect skin. There are so many circumstances around us that can contribute to skin problems: where we live, the air quality around us, the work we do. A lot of things we just can't get out of. That doesn't give us the excuse to throw our hands in the air and give up on loving our skin and taking care of it as best we can. It gives us the opportunity to understand and be kind to ourselves and our skin.

What made you get into makeup?

I've been an artist all my life. I've been a watercolorist, a jewelry designer, a writer, a digital artist, a comic artist and at one point, I was even making music. I have an artistic spirit that I simply can't ignore and makeup has just been another facet of it. I don't assign any insecurities to it, I don't feel that I love it because I'm just trying to impress people or make myself different. I just love art and if I can move it to my entire face, I totally will!

What's one product that you would suggest to anyone and everyone?

LA Girl Cosmetics' the Nudes eyeshadow palette. I've written a review for this on my blog and I just cannot say enough good things about it. The price, the pigmentation, the variety of colors, even the brush tool it comes with, is so wonderful. If you're just starting out in makeup or if you just need a go-to everyday eyeshadow palette, the Nudes is the one for you.

Why is makeup important to you?

I just love doing art to my face and I love to make art for other people. I don't mean that I want to cover up insecurities or put covering up blemishes above healing those blemishes. I just feel that a strong red lipstick gives a girl confidence and sparkling eyeshadow will catch our eyes to look deep into hers. Everybody is beautiful and good makeup will accentuate that beauty and highlight it so that everybody can see it.

What do you hope to add to the makeup world?

A different look. I don't want to bring to the world the idea that we all have to look like one makeup artist, who has the blinding highlight and the killer eyeliner and the brows that arch up so perfectly. What I really want to add to the makeup world is an artistic side to it, that says you don't have to do it like that - bring in the ethereal, the magical, the colorful where you will still look like you but all the beauty that you already have is pulled to the forefront and you rock yourself, not someone you saw in a magazine.

What are you all-time favorite, holy grail products?

My Loreal Color Riche lipsticks. They're the best lipsticks I've ever used, so soft and moisturizing they don't even dry out my lips. And for days when I'm going minimal makeup, I wear Burts Bees lip shimmer balm in Peony. The color is gorgeous and it's perfect for that brows-mascara-lipcolor look.

And that's it! Oh I'm so thankful for my dear Abigail, she is so supportive and kind and amazing. Thanks so much for doing this with me, girl.

What are some of your own favorite skincare or makeup products? I'd absolutely love to hear from you down in the comments. If you haven't yet, be sure to sign up for email updates so you can get paper airplane blog posts in your window every Monday and Friday!

Have a great day, beautiful.

-- Emily

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