Makeup and Skincare Youtubers Who Will Change Your Life

by - March 26, 2018

Heya pookies! It's a beautiful day and I'm presenting to you the amazing Youtuber women who first of all introduced me to makeup and skin love and then proceeded to inspire my artistry and also teach me how to take care of my skin. They've taught me so much, from building your skin barrier to slaying your eyeliner. These ladies are so awesome and they're fantastic for starting your makeup and skincare journey with. Without further adieu, allow me to introduce them to you!

1. Liah Yoo

This talented, beautiful and soft-spoken woman is a skincare guru with plenty of research and knowledge in her brain. She just recently started her own brand, Krave Beauty, that is completely based off the idea of being gentle with your skin. She is currently on a foundation free makeup routine and it's totally inspiring to see her rock it.

2. Denitslava

Denitslava is a super talented, super adorable makeup artist who knows how to do the makeup game right! Her makeup looks are completely wearable and she teaches you as she goes. She's just a delight to watch and I adore her Bulgarian accent.

3. Alissa Ashley

Beautiful Alissa is amazingly creative. It's almost mesmerizing to watch her put on her makeup. I first started watching her because she has hooded eyes like I do and she had a video on applying eyeliner for hooded eyes. It was incredibly helpful! She's awesome, check her out.

4. Jackie Aina

                 Jackie-jackie-jackie-jackie! Oh, Jackie Aina is an absolute joy and a blessing from above! She's hilarious and brilliant, imaginative and the makeup looks she has are super colorful and fun. Every time I watch Jackie, I'm like "Yes, ma'am. You're flawless. You're doing amazing sweetie. Yes ma'am. Amen." You will too.

These are some amazing women and Youtube has tons of others! I'd love to know who are your favorites! Put it down there in the comments and let me know who has made an impact on your makeup and/or skincare routine.

Thanks for being part of the #pookiefam. Love you.


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