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by - March 05, 2018

Hi, pookies! Yes, hello, it's a beautiful day, and we're gonna talk about how to save you some coin (ba-da-ling) when you are trying to find an easy everyday makeup routine and/or you are just starting out in the makeup world and you need to know where to start without breaking your bank. Girl, I've been there and saving money is important to me so if you and I can both score a great deal, I'll call it a day and put my feet up and we can both toast our ingenuity with milk chocolate in wine glasses.

Watching all these people on the internet and abroad, you might feel a little bogged down by the impressive array of palettes and highlighters and mascaras that are in the range of $20 to $40, even above. How on earth are you going to get your face all glowy and sparkly unless you have a bank account that's equally glowy and sparkly?

You really don't have to.

Drugstore brands are coming up to be just as good as luxury beauty brands - just ask the Youtube gurus.  The list of glow-makers I'm putting down today is for you, beautiful, because you don't have to slam down $50 for one individual product.  I'm linking these items to Ulta but you might be able to find some things cheaper on Amazon or at your local drugstore.

1. Maybelline Fit Me! Foundation $8

The foundation you've heard so much about. It's because it's medium to full coverage, with a luminous version for girls with dry skin in need of some glow and a matte edition for those who want to go shine free and poreless. There's tons of colors to choose from, so I'd recommend going to Maybelline's Shade Finder but here's the trick: go a shade lighter than what it recommends. Maybelline's foundations have a tendency to oxidize, thus it darkens a little on your skin. I went with what the Shade Finder recommended to me, and it's been turning slightly orange on me. Just go up a shade lighter with whatever style you like. Price might vary according to your shade but hint-hint: it's a little cheaper on Amazon.

2. Maybelline Shine Free Loose Powder $6

I love this powder! I use it as a setting powder to keep my foundation in place. Though there's only two colors to choose from, light and medium, it finishes translucently so no matter what your shade is, this powder will keep your oils at bay and your makeup smooth. I apply it under my eyes so when I put on my eyeshadows and I have some fallout, all I have to do it sweep it away with a powder brush. I also apply it in places where I get especially oily, like my t-zone, with the underside of my beauty blender.

3. L'Oreal True Match Concealer $9-$10

Although this concealer is a little bit on the pricey side for a drugstore product, it goes on so smoothly and fills in all pores. It's great for a highlight concealer (though don't be alarmed if it stings a little under your eyes, I've heard that's kind of a normal occurrence) and for covering up blemishes. It has a brush applicator, making for a smooth application. I'm sure there's a better concealer out there for less coin, but this one has been my favorite so far.

Elf is always gonna be on my side. This brow kit is good for just an everyday brow, nothing dramatic or Instagrammy, but great for a quick fill-in and definition. It's only 3 dollars with 3 variations, light, medium and dark. The only catch about this kit is that the brush it comes with is not fantastic. I'd recommend using your own brow brush to apply the gel and even touch up in areas with the powder. It makes it sharper and more defined than the easily clumped applicator it comes with. For $3, it's totally worth getting your own brow brush.

My all-time favorite eyeshadow palette. As you can see, it's very loved! I use this palette everyday because there's just enough simplicity for a soft nude look but enough diversity to change it up from time to time. There are three matte shades and the rest have a soft shimmer. It's all highly pigmented but be sure to wear a primer for more stunning colors and no creasing. It's good for all day and for evening wear as well. I've heard that's it's comparable to Urban Decay's Naked palette but as I'm money-mindful (ahem *cough* CHEAP) I haven't tried the Naked palette myself. The tool it comes with has a sponge on one end and a flat brush on the other. 
(Hint! A cool trick I like to do is to dip the flat brush into the darkest shade at an angle. I apply it along my lash line, where I would usually do my eyeliner and it creates a tightlined, soft eyeliner effect that makes my eyelashes look thicker and my eyes more open.)

This mascara opened my eyes. Figuratively and literally. I remember when I first discovered Voluminous and ended up converting my mom and older sister to it. It thickens your lashes and just lifts your eyes. And you know how after about three months, your mascara starts getting clumpy and smells weird? In my experience, I find that Voluminous lasts a bit longer than three months. Which is great for your budget. Pictured here is my Voluminous Curved Brush version but I've used the original, which I'm linking back to.

I have so many of these lipsticks! Which makes it confusing because they all have the same case and I have to keep them turned over in my makeup case so that I know which one I'm grabbing without having to take the cap off. Ugh, first world makeup problems. My dedication to these Loreal lipsticks clearly shows because the picture shows the one I recently got (Raisin Rapture) and not the one I have that's nearly down the edge (Tropical Coral). It's still got a little bit of product left! Enough said, these are some of the best moisturizing and colorful lipsticks I've ever used. (The picture used at Ulta for Raisin Rapture shows that it's a bit more mauve, but it's not that at all in real life. It's a deep rich, blue-tinted red. It's gorgeous.

And there you have it! I added up all the prices if you wanted to get every single one of these fantastic quality products and that will amount up to approximately $52. And there's free shipping and free products added to your order at Ulta if you're above $35. Sounds like a deal.

Do you have a favorite budget-friendly makeup product that you can never let go of (like me an my Color Riche lipstick)? Put it down there in the comments and I'd love to try it out! 

Have a great day, beautiful.

Love, Emily

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