Current Favorite Instagrammers! February 2018 Edition

by - February 26, 2018

Hey, pookies! I have come to you in the form of glitter being tossed in the air and a party celebrating the return of springtime. At long last. Welcome back, spring. I really, really missed you.

 So as you know I've been posting a lot more to my instagram lately and it's totally been inspired by the amazing - repeat - AMAZING women I've been following. Every time they post, it's like a literal ray of sunshine. I'm a pretty introverted person and it's difficult for me to be open and actually be exposed on the big world wide web but these women are role models. Their smiles, their confidence, their ability to embrace their own beauty is inspiring. I want to give a shoutout to some of my favorite instagram accounts and I encourage you, beautiful, to follow them and get that inspiration machine going.

 1. Weylie 

 First of all, so beautiful. Second of all, her photos are just so sunshiny and peaceful that you totally feel in the moment when you're looking at her posts. She's always smiling and she is a sponsor of some inexpensive but quality brands (which is super helpful!). Check her out, you won't regret it.

2. Nabela Noor

 THIS QUEEN. This woman just glows from within and without. Her confidence and self-love are demonstrated in every photo and every single one is absolutely delightful. Her makeup tips are super helpful and watching her get ready is mesmerizing. I kid you not, I have once just watched her get ready videos over and over and over again. She is breathtaking.

 3. Steph Willis 

 Like I said in my launch post, I've learned that it's okay to be an artist of so many facets of art and Steph is definitely a master of that. She's a wife, a mother, a vlogger, an artist and she posts beautiful photos. Her makeup style is soft but she highlights her eyes and it creates a stunning vivid look. She's gorgeous, inside and out.

 4. Alissa Ashley and Arnell Armon

 Do you yourself a favor and follow these incredible twins. They're an absolute joy. Super gorgeous and it's so cute to see their posts tagging each other. You kind of get the idea they're inseparable but like sisters, they tease each other over the internet. It's adorable. Follow them both.

5. Rose Kimberly 

 Rose is pretty much the one that started me on the road to makeup enthusiasm and style. I was looking up a tutorial for keeping my makeup on all day and her video was the first one that came up. And I was fascinated by her joy, her fearlessness, and I was inspired by her love for Jesus. She is beautiful in every way.

I'm sure I'll make this post again someday but as I'm beginning this journey, these women have really made an impact on me and my Instagram feed.

 Who are some of your favorite Instagrammers? I'd absolutely love to know! Leave a comment down below with your recommendations.

Have a great day, beautiful! -Emily

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